Beretta 9mm
Juan uses twin Beretta 9mm and always carries two of them with him and uses them just when it´s neccesary though it´s not as strong as the Magnum Smith & Wesson that Luis uses, later on Juan took a third Beretta handgun from the police comisary were the survivors were hiding and used it for a while until he gave it to Alexa to have a second weapon for emergencies. Valery also uses a beretta 9mm.



Juan found two beretta handguns in the pockets of a dead military police Juan took them and gave one to Owen, it was most used by both Juan and Owen in the save zone invasion, in the save zone Owen ran out of ammo for this gun so he threw it inside the Humbee, it´s belive he still have it but doesn´t use it cause he found the modern Glock 45, Juan still uses this gun as it is seen in his belt almost everytime. Owen´s Beretta 9mm have last been seen when Juan and Karen were organising there weapons in the police comisary armery, Juan later noticed the armery was full of Beretta 9mm so he decided to give one to Alexa.


Often incorrectly named the M92FS, the Beretta 92F's FS variant is a semi automatic handgun chambered for 9x19mm Parabellum. The Beretta's open slide design ensures visible feeding and ejection of ammunition and allows the barrel to cool quickly. A dropping-block locking system, taken from the Walther P38, eliminated the need for a barrel-slide interlock, and the design is unique in allowing the 92 to be suppressed without the slowed cycling issues that many other locked-breech pistols encounter. The hard-chromed barrel bore reduces barrel wear and a tough bruniton finish prevents corrosion. The magazine release button is reversible for left handed use and the safety is ambidextrous and doubles as a decock lever (there are variants that do not function as a safety and simply spring back up, as well). It has been criticized for a large grip and long trigger contributing to poor ergonomics, and an overall package most consider too large for the caliber and capacity.