Little is known about Carter's past. It is revealed early on that he was in the same class as Juan during the school year prior to that of the main story. As well, after Alexa and Juan escape the school roof by clearing away "the zombies" with a nearby fire hose, it is made apparent that Carter had known Alexa and Juan for many years, when Alexa mentions an event that had occurred in middle school during a fire, it´s seen in Alexa´s flashback that Juan, Owen and Carter saved some kids in the fire. He was also present in a flashback of Juan's when he relates his stay at the Save Zone Estate as being similar to "Mutiny on the Bounty". According to photos during the ending credits of the story, Carter and Juan sat together during lunch at NSP Highschool. When he was dating Alexa, they passed by a female reporter while she made the peace sign, looking confused. He and Juan went to a swimming class when they were in middle school.


There´s not much to tell about Carter just that he was Alexa´s boyfriend before the outbreak, he managed to escape with Juan, Owen and Alexa but was bitten by a zombie by trying to save Alexa from being bitten by the same undead, later he sucumbed to his infection and became a zombie, Juan told Alexa to step back but she protested, she was pulled back by Owen and let Juan do his job, Juan killed the zombified Carter with the metal bat Alexa let out a shout that attracked the undead, Alexa accused Juan of being jealouse of Carter because he was her boyfriend, Juan ignored her and tried to go and fight the zombies, Alexa ran to him and told him everything she said was a lie, she began to cry and Juan Hugged her tightly and she did the same thing back while Owen watched Juan and Alexa in happiness.


Carter has blonde hair and brown eyes. He is only ever seen wearing the standard NSP High School male student uniform.


Carter has a cool and calm personality which makes him survive the worst moments, he would have survive the outbreak if hadn´t been bitten.