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Pre Apocalypse 

There not much to tell about Christopher´s life before the apocalypse began except that he use to be good at using guns.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season 4: War Against The DeadEdit

Christopher and his group met Nicolas´s group when he was traveling to get supplies for his group, he joined Nicolas army of survivors to retake the world and to end the apocalypse once and for all


Christopher is cold and indifferent towards any group that it´s not he´s, but still feels the need to help others when can


Christopher is a cowboy looking guy. He carries a hat and a brown leather jacket and his trusty UMP assault rifle and Colt Python with him



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Chris best friend and right hand man. they are always seen working together to survive and help other survivors.


Chris second right hand man. he is always he ussually tells him places they could scavenge for supplies.

Weapon Of ChoiceEdit