Colt Python
Juan took this weapon from a dead police officer after he and his group escaped the school, he has used it on multiple occasions like when he saved the little girl that was surrounded by the zombies, when the maniac tried to break into Juan´s apartment, Juan shot him and left him out of the building to be eaten by the undead, when Valery´s neighborhood was surrounded by the undead he killed multiple zombis with it but puted it away before it ran out of ammo, Juan carries it in his bag and uses it in extreme occasions.


This gun was found by Juan and Alexa when they arrived to his home there was a dead police officer in the floor, Juan saw the gun in the police officer but for precaution he blew the brains of the the dead police officer before he could reanimate as a "undead". Juan says that this gun is very light weight and that it can even be held by a little boy or girl


The revolver is a 44 Magnum cartridge. It was made famous as the weapon of choice of "Dirty" Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) in the Dirty Harry films. This gun is probably more practical than the Smith & Wesson Model 500 due to the fact that it's recoil is easier to control and has a higher capacity upgrade. Due to the fact that these weapons are so powerful, the ammunition is very hard to come by. Thus ammo conservation is essential. Its ability to pierce multiple opponents at once and having the second highest damage rating (Only behind the S&W M500) of all the handguns makes it invaluable to have in a pinch.