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Owen´s Glock 45

Owen uses this weapon to fight "the undead" after escaping the Panama City, Owen took this gun from a police officer that saved him from being eaten by the undead and in an attempt to escape the hordes of "the undead" to save him self he shot the police officer in the leg and left him there to be eaten by "the undead" then Owen used it to kill the same but zombified police officer, (Owen never tell´s Juan or the group about this). Even though he killed the police officer in cold blood he have kept this gun and uses it regularly.


The H&K 9mm is a rival of the Beretta 9mm line of handguns. Released in 2003, it differs from a general 92FS because it has a vertical grip, a short-reach trigger, thinner grip panels, integral accessory rail, removable front sight, and a beveled magazine well. Chambered for the 9×19mm Parabellum, it usually comes with a standard 15 round magazine, or an optional 10/17/33 round magazine can be used instead.