H&K assault rifle
Carolina uses this tactical semi automatic assault rifle as her primary weapon. She finds this weapon in Panama in the police comisary soon after the Juan´s group arrived at the police station armery as the armery was found by Max, it used to have a scope and a bayonet accesory attached to it but both have been removed since the bayonet doesn´t doesn´t affect the undead in combat and the scope doesn´t work since the EMP Nuclear Bomb stroke on the central part of the Panama City.


The Heckler & Koch family of 7.62 battle rifles was developed in the 1950s, though elements of its design can be traced back to a series of prototype assault rifles developed by Germany toward the end of World War 2. It is capable of either fully automatic or semi automatic fire, though the only variants featured in police station were semi-automatic, it has the capacity of 20 bullets in the cartridges, in total 40 bullets.