The Glock 17 is the gun Max uses to kill "the undead" he found it at the police station in which he and his friends were hiding, he later gave it to his friend Marcelo after escaping the police station with Juan and the others, Marcelo uses this weapon as his primary weaponand is always seen in his belt with it´s ammo on the other side of the belt.


The H&K USP Pistol is a semi-automatic, double action handgun made by Austria that is chambered for the 9x19mm Parabellum round. It is known for being the first popular pistol using high-impact polymers in its design, a title that really belongs to the H&K VP70. In every video game where the original H&K appears, it carries 18 rounds. The H&K is known for being both extremely simple (with a mere 30 parts) and extremely reliable.

The H&K is also the basis for a wide variety of handguns, all of which are given the name Heckler & Koch followed by a numerical designation. All of these handguns are generally similar in appearance, some of them have the stock some others don´t, the stock gives it the ability to become an automatic gun which makes it extremely useful in some cases.