Pre ApocalypseEdit

Karen was a student at an unknown Highschool that survived the undead outbreak. Nothing else is known about her lifebefore the outbreak began, except that she send her parents to the save zone in a military plane.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Karen was killing zombies with her guns when she found the save town and other survivors she decided to stay with.


She has a quiet and strong type of personality, she has been to be nervous close to guys as she doesn´t interact to much with them. After Duncan saved her from getting bitten her attitude began to change about guys.


Karen is a brown haired beautiful girl, she dresses in a black tank top and a black tight jeans still very confused of what is going to be of her life in this world, Nicolas advices her everytime she needs to clarify her mi´nd and that´s why she have developed a great friendship with him.



After she was accepted into the group she became good friends with Nicolas and Duncan and later on she became an Elite Survivor.


Jenly and Karen bacame good friends after she was accepted into the group. they both fight hand to hand as a team.


After she was safe by him she clearly beagn to develop feelings for him as she have been seen very close to him many times.


Karen met Katherine shortly after the outbreak began and they have become good friends. They both are seen together in several occations


After Karen became a member of Nicolas´s group, she and Michelle began to talk about events that happened before the outbreak and they have clearly become good friends since then.

Weapon of choiceEdit