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Pre Apocalypse 

Kennet use to be a junior baseball player. He was also a student at an unknown highschool. he was in his school graduation when the outbreak began

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season 3Edit

After escaping the school he found Nicolas group and decided to become a member of the group. in the way to the armery he and Nicolas group met a beautiful girl escaping some zombies, and when they saved her she said her name was Chantal. When they got to the police comissary they got more fire power ame a stronger group. Later on they met Juan´s group when they entered the police station.

Season 4Edit

After escaping the police comissary both groups took different path and Nick´s graoup was never seen after that. It is known that he was still with Nicolas when they escaped.


Kennet is very sarcastic and fearless even in worst times. He seems not to fear the zombies.


Kennet is a dark skinned guy. He seem no to show fear and is always looking for survivors to help them.


Nicolas AgustinoEdit

Nicolas second right hand man and one of his best friends throughout the apocalypse.

Jenly FigueroaEdit

Good friends and battle companions.

Max QuinteroEdit

Nicolas and his right hand man. both of them are good friends, they fight and survive as a team.


Kenneth and Michelle are friends at first but later on they become a couple

Weapon Of ChoiceEdit