This weapon is used by Luis to kill the undead after the apocalyse, he found this weapon on a dead military police and took it from it. It was used by Owen when he ran out of shotgun shells in the escape of Juan´s apartment, by Alexa to cover Juan, and by luis as his first owner. Luis decided to give it to Owen after he saw Owen´s talent with the rifle, after the EMP bomb Owen took the scope away from the rifle and now uses the rifle as a shotgun.


The SR-25 (M16) is produced by Armalite and was the original design of the AR-15 (M16). It has a rotating lock bolt and is magazine fed. It primarily uses 20 round magazines.


Like her other guns Rick has upgraded the SR-25 with external parts:

  • SpiderFire Folding Bipod
  • Sling mounts (neither the AR-10 nor SR-25 have sling mounts)
  • Rail rystem and rail pads from an original SR-25
  • Leupold M3A scope (tooken apart by Owen)
  • Magpul Precision Rifle Sniper Stock

Use ByEdit

Juan Manuel

Owen Mackenzie

Alexandra Quintero

Luis Garcias