Pre ApocalypseEdit

Marcelo was a student at an unknown highschool, he used to be friends Nicolas since long ago, and he joined Nicolas group to help other survivors.

Post ApocalypseEdit

After his University campus became infected by the virus He, Max, Nicolas, Jenly, Caroline, Monica and other survivors from his school escaped the school outbreak and went to look for guns and refuge and they decided to stay in the Police station, then when he was bitten he knew it was game over for him so he took a grenade a activated it and tackled down a group of walkers blowing up himself and the walkers


Marcelo is usually very calm and has a good sense of humor even in the worst moments he is very friendly and caring about the wealthy of other people and this is seen when Marcelo told the others he was going to sacrifice himself for his group


Marcelo is a, tall black haired guy in his early to mid twenties.


Nicolas AgustinoEdit

Nicolas is one of his best friends since long ago. He joined Nicolas group to escape the city.

Jenly FigueroaEdit

Jenly is one of Marcelos best female friends since a long time before the outbreak had began.

Max QuinteroEdit

Max is one of Marcelos best friends since a longtime ago. They both have become Nicolas right hand men.

Kennet DougsEdit

Kennet have become one of Marcelo´s best friends since he was accepted into the group.

Christopher AndersonEdit

Marcelo and Christopher ussually go out of their camp or refuge to go find supplies for the group.

Weapon Of ChoiceEdit