Juan took this shotgun from the police comisary before they escaped the comisary, this shotgun was later given to Max by Juan when he knew they were short of weapons, this shotgun has been used only by Max as his primary weapon. He used it when "the undead" arrived to the save zone in Boquete (valle escondido).


Luis Garcias (former owner)

Max Quintero

Danny Alessandro (owner)


Nicolas told Juan that He, and his group survived the outbreak by a miracle they had to sacrifice one of his classmates to distract "the undead" the police comisary had a reinforced iron door and the comisary was big enough and had food enough, but little in weapons, hearing this Juan remembered that he and the group had two huge bag of guns and they could give half of each bag to Nicolas and his group so they could defend by themself, Max got surprised of how many weapons Juan´s group had so they decided to join them and help them look for their classmates which escaped in a bus and also help them look for their missing parents.


The Mossberg 590 is a pump-action shotgun with a base firepower of 200, reload speed of 3.00 seconds, starting capacity of 6, and critical value of 0. Fully upgraded it has a firepower of 400, reload speed of 2.40 seconds, capacity of 25, and critical value of 1. This shotgun has a critical value as opposed to a attack range value.

It is arguably better than a fully upgraded M3, as a fully upgraded Mossberg surpasses in reload speed, total capacity, and critical value. The Benelli M4 Super 90 beats it with a firepower of 900 and its slightly more accurate.