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Juan, Owen and Alexa watch horrified the destruction of the Panama City.

Panama City

Panama City was a small but industrialized city located in the east of Panama, it´s well known for the Panama canal. It was destroyed during the virus outbreak of 2012.

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It´s unknown how the virus got to Panama it´s first seen when one of "undead" attack Juan´s school, but in Conner´s flashback it´s explained that the virus began in Haiti and Rusia and the the infected pacients went to a US hospital and infected the doctors after sucumbing to their infections and become one of "the undead"

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zombies walking around the Panama streets

(Pilot) Rise of the undead part 1/2Edit

The city was seen after the survivors escaped the NSP highschool.

Rise of the undead part 1/2Edit

The city was seen after the survivors escaped the Panama City.

Escaping a doomed cityEdit

The city was seen after when the survivors escaped the city through the America´s bridge.

Returning to a dead cityEdit

In this episode the city is seen completely destroyed; houses and buildings on fire or just half part intact when the survivors came back to the city to take weapons from the police comisary, there they met the survivors Max, Marcelo, Karen, Conner and Leonard.

Lost in nightmaresEdit

The city was just breifly seen after Conner shot the military police and left him to death and escaped the police comisary with the rest of the survivors.

Memories of a lost cityEdit

The city was seen in the flashback of the survivors when they were remembering their previews life before "the undead" outbreak striked in Panama.