Not much is known about Roy´s previews life, it´s just known that He just as Owen is an American and his family used to be billioners.


Roy used to study in an unkown highschool, it´s presumed the same highschool Max studied in, he ecaped the outbreak next to Max and his friend it´s also presumed that he and Max used to be friends long before the outbreak.


Just as Gabriel, Roy has a cold personality and is known that he fears nothing not even the undead.


Roy is a red haired teen that is fearless and is the only guy in the group he´s belived to love Alejandra.


When Orianna ran out of bullets to kill a zombie Roy went to her rescue and got bitten in the process, Before he was ejecuted by Owen, Orianna gave him one last and passionate kiss and wispered in his ear "I love you" and she ran off and she heard the shot and knew Roy was dead.


  • Roy is one of the strongest guys in the group