Sherman Oaks

Sherman Oaks was a Safe Zone created at first with evil purposes of a evil man that wanted to kill every survivor that came in to take their supplies.

Season 2Edit

Nicolas and his group arrived at the community after losing their previous refuge which was the National Police Station. After killing his leader Nicolas and his group took over the community and made it a safer place for survivors. After months of not seeing many evil people their group met with a group of people called The Marauders and managed to kill them taking their supplies and use them for the good of Sherman Oaks. weeks later another group of people attacked a group of scouts of Sherman Oaks, this survivors were cannibals who wanted to eat the survivors of Sherman Oaks but they failed after Nicolas´s Group mutilated them leaving them to reanimate

Season 3Edit

After almost a year of peace a group of survivors called The Bikers attacked the Sherman Oaks. They where almost 90 heavily armed men, Nicolas said he wouldn´t give them anything they demanded. This unleashed the wrath of the leader of the Bikers who brutally killed Lee to show just how brutal he could be. Nicolas and his group decided it was time for a new war. Sherman Oaks went heavily armed to war and managed to kill half of The Bikers, but the war still continues to the last man

Season 4Edit

After a long battle against the Bikers, Sherman Oaks had finally won, new people were coming to the community every day, Nicolas had become the President of Sherman Oaks and Jenly his beloved wife, but the peace was soon gone when Sherman Oaks was attacked by a group of men in Anti-Hazard suits, Sherman Oaks was soon falling and Nicolas and his group had to find a way to kill the men threatening their community.

Season 5Edit

Sherman Oaks had finally burned to ashes, the old residents that lived in the community had died and had reanimated through one night. they bitted many other residents and the community became a chaos. Nicolas and his group were forced to escape once again and go to Washington to cure the infection that made the people become the undead.

Members of Sherman OaksEdit

Original ResidentsEdit

  • Eric
  • Justin
  • Spencer
  • Jorge
  • David
  • Tommy
  • Bob
  • Harold
  • Scotty
  • Sarah
  • Shannon
  • Jamie
  • Rowan
  • Angel
  • Christian
  • Paula
  • Eisenberg
  • Samantha
  • April
  • Carol
  • Daniels
  • Connors
  • Jean
  • Jerry
  • Sammy
  • Jane
  • Lucas
  • Fred
  • Linda
  • Taylor
  • Cole
  • Sheila
  • Martin
  • Harry
  • Madison
  • Jackie
  • Wills
  • Leslie
  • Andrew
  • Richard
  • Robert
  • Zac
  • Marcus
  • Bill
  • Other 25 unnamed Survivors

New ComersEdit

  • Nicolas
  • Jenly
  • Duncan
  • Dylan
  • Glenn
  • Cooter
  • Lee
  • Karen
  • Katherine
  • Billy
  • Megan
  • Marlee
  • Axel
  • Terra
  • Yumico
  • Chloe


  • Bill
  • Marcus
  • Jackie
  • Wills
  • Leslie
  • Andrew
  • Richard
  • Robert
  • Zac
  • Lee
  • Spencer
  • Madison
  • Fred
  • Many Unnamed Survivors