The submachine gun was seen in use by the USA military in Karen´s flashback and then taken by Roy, he attached it a stock to use as a submachine rifle found at the Police comisary armery were He and the others use to hide from the undead. Karen later found a nother twin Submachine gun and gave them both to Gabriel and she replaced them with a MP7A1 she found in the national police station armery.


First produced in 1993, the Steyr TMP Tactical Machine Pistol is a compact sub-machine gun chambered for the 9mm round. Designed to fill the role of a PDW (Personal Defense Weapon), the TMP is known for being lightweight, reliable, and easy to control. In 2001, Steyr ceased production of the TMP amidst declining sales and sold the design to Brügger & Thomet of Switzerland. B&T then modified the original design, adding an integrated sight rail and a folding stock mounted to the lower frame, and currently markets the weapon under the MP9 designation.