West Central Prison
Season 3


After the survivors left the farm they builded a camp miles away from the farm to avoid any encounter with the horde of walkers that attacked the farm, the next morning Juan and Gabriel when to look for food and they found something much better, a prison. It was full of walkers but it could be cleared, The survivors got in their vehicles and drove towards it. when they got there they began their fight to clear the prison of walkers.

After they cleared outside they began to clear it off from the inside till it was clear, when they got to the cell block the group found some survivors in it which they became friends very easily with the exception of one, Benjamin, who didn´t like the new group so he threatened the group with guns only to be shot in the back by Megan. Juan, Gabriel and Owen threw the body outside the prison only to be eaten and dismembered by the walkers that were surrounding it.

The survivors kept leaving in it for sometime, one day a helicopter crashed in the woods nearby the prision so Juan, Owen and Gabriel went to investigate what happened and they found the helicopter destroyed but there were still 2 living survivors so they help them get out of the helicopter and took them back to the prison with them were they could integrate their group. After a while the guys left with the survivors some military men arrive at scene and investigated what happened and told their leader they found 2 dead military men dead in the helicopters and some wheel marks in the sand and at that moment the leader of the military knew they weren´t alone.

Season 4Edit