Zombie Rage Zeke
Pre Apocalypse

Zeke used to be a a wolf use to test drugs he was was a very important wolf in the laboratory for his incredible adaptations to the experimentations, drugs and virus the doctors tested on him. One day one of the doctors injected a virus on Zeke and his blood mutated in a very particular way. He acquiered more speed, invulnerability to heat, and became stronger and resistant to the viruses and drugs.

Post ApocalypseEdit

After one of the doctors injected a drug on Zeke to kill him he past out instead of dying, he went on a coma for a day or two, he woke up and when he got out of the experimental room he saw military men with mask and automatic machine guns killing the animals and doctors in the laboratory. He managed to kill three military men and got out of the laboratory as fast as he could, he saw his other wolf friends being put in captivity and send away in military vehicles. Later on he found Gabriel and decided to acompany him and later on joined Juan´s group of survivors.

Personality Edit

Similar to Gabriel he is cold and indifferent but always loyal to Gabriel as his master, he is always trying to help the group in all he can. He is also friendly towards Juan and other members of the Group.


Zeke is a wolf that used to be from Alaska. He was captured and send to a laboratory in Panama, he was used as an experimental animal for the doctors to discover the cures of viruses and infections. He escaped the laboratory when the apocalypse began and then met Gabriel who he bacame good friends with.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Super speed, Super strenth, Invulnerability to heat, Super grouth, Super sense, Super ear.