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Zombie CrisisEdit

a strange virus has began infecting people all around the world, Nicolas (the protagonist), and his friends knew the world they had lived in and grown was gone, it was taken by the hordes of the undead to eat the living people and now the group of survivors must escape before they become members af the army of the undead they will have to pass through difficult times and find their missing parents and begin a new friendship in a world were the undead seak for fresh meat.

The SurvivorsEdit

after two and a half years in the apocaliptic world a new group of survivors has managed to survive and they will travel all around the EEUU trying to find a place where they can live in without the fear of being killed while they sleep but while they try to survive they will start loosing their humanity. they will learn the biggest enemy are not the zombies but the people who have survived the apocalypse are.  


When a strange virus takes over the world the undead rises from it´s graves infecting almost all the humanity, now the survivors will have to face the hordes of undead that have tooken over the world and their city and find their missing families and make it to the save zone. It´s still unknown how the outbreak began but it´s believed that it was by a scientific experiment by USA and Japan trying to make a cure for the infection in Indonesia which stroke on early 2011, outbreak made different types of zombies appear, even though, some people manage to suvive the outbreak now the last hope of the race of human lies in the save zone in Atlanta, Juan and his friends must survive a world full of the undead and rescue their missing families and begin a friendship with other survivors of the undead outbreak.

main survivorsEdit


  • The City of the dead is inspired on events that could happen with the experiments that USA and Japan are working on to create a virus that could be dangerous for man kind, and the strange infection that appeared a few months ago in indonesia.
  • The weapons are real
  • The story is inspired by a book of the famous writer George A Romero
  • The zombies most popular appearence was in Haiti
  • In this story three types of zombies appear, ex: normal zombies, Las Plagas zombies (from Resident Evil) and the mutant zombies