Episodes (season 1)Edit

Episode 00: The Day Before Everything Goes To HellEdit

Juan and Alexa were running to avoid getting late for school, in the way to school they saw a man that seemed to be drunk or sick because he was walking as if he was falling from one side to another, Juan decided to help the man even though Alexa told him not to, that it might be dangerous, Juan sarcasticly told Alexa danger was his second name, which Alexa madly responded Cardona was his second name, Juan just kept walking and saw blood coming out of the man´s mouth, then when the man turned to him Juan saw the man was missing an eye and a hand which made Alexa throw up, the man tried to bite Juan but he kicked down the man and gave him lesson but when he turn back the man stood up and tried to bite Juan again and was save by Alexa who threw a huge and hard brick to the man´s head killing him instantly, the two of them agreed not to talk about that again then they put the body in a bag and left him in the trash. when they got to school their friends told them about a new infection that was spreding through out the whole world, Alexa and Juan began making ideas that the crazy man may have been infected with the strange virus.

Episode 01: Days gone byeEdit

Juan is enjoying the view in the school balcony but he hears a strange sound and he sees a man trying to knock down the fence, some teachers try to scare away the man, but the man grabs the P.E. teacher and bites him in the arm killing him, suddenly the P.E. teacher "wakes up" and bites one of the teachers while the other saves himself, Juan scared runs to his classroom and informs his best friends to leave, trusting Juan they ignore the teachers shouts and leave the classroom one of the teacher informs the school to be evacuated but he gets eaten by the undead, the students scared run away from the classrooms and try to save themelf. Meanwhile juan and their freinds try to make a run for out of the school but suddenly they see themself surrounded by the undead, Juan sees the stairs that takes to the roof so they run towards them. In the roof several American Black Hawks appear and Alexa tries to call them but invane Owen being an American he knew soldiers would not help them when they had a important mission so they keep running until one uf the undead bites Carter in the shoulder and Juan furiously kills the undead after an hour Carter began to transform into an undead until he falls and resurects as an undead. Sad but knowing once bitten theres no going back Juan grabs his metal bat and hits the zombified Carter in the head after his death Juan and his friends make there last respects to Carter and leave.

Episode 02: Dead OutbreakEdit

Juan and Alexa were making their way back into the school corridors and saw it was full of hungry walkers roaming the place, Juan and Alexa didn´t had time to take the walkers down so they killed the ones that were on their way and kept going after some time the group reunited once again and ran to the second floor were they took refuge and saw that the TV (CNN news) were talking about the zombie virus spreading through out the whole world, the group talked aboutthe possibility of building a radio so they could make a transmition so they ask for rescue, Juan knew they couldn´t waste day light on illusions so he step up and told everyone that that idea was nonsense, that they saw three Black Hawks military helicopters so if the military wanted to rescue them they have just easily land in the school and save them but they didn´t so that ment they had to survive on their own and that no one was going to help them get out of this one, soon the group realized that Gabriel was missing and that they better leave before he got into trouble, so the group left the room and headed towards the school parking lot.

Episode 03: SeparatedEdit

Juan and his friends are about to evacuate the school, but before escaping they find a group of survivors that where surrounded by some undead so they decide to help them, after having help them the whole group make a plan to escape the school without being eaten by the undead so they arm themselfs with bats and broomsticks to fight the undead, almost everyone with the exeption of two students make it to the bus, but after reaching one point Juan aand Alexa decide to leave the group to go look for their parents and they tell Owen to look for them later, Alexa and Juan grab some guns from a bunch of dead police officers and leave, after some hours Juan and Alexa arrive to a street were more than 10 walkers were roaming and Juan knew that it wasn´t enough with having 5 guns a two Sniper Rifle and a Shotgun so they decided to make a run for but they got trapped between the walkers until they hear several shots of guns, they look at the top of a building and saw some survivors helping them out so they ran towards the building in which they found many medicine supplies, security, food and guns with them so they decided that they should stay the night to rest.

Episode 04: Help, I´m AliveEdit

After Gabriel had escaped the school he found a male wolf who he became very joined with and then he saved his parents by sending them to the save zone in the island of Coiba, Gabriel gave them his farewell and ran of, later that day while he was killing zombies he met up with a girl name Karen which was a mess when it came to boys so when Gabriel told her how he got his supplies and guns she couldn´t even believe what she was hearing, she didn´t know boys were so abilitated to fight through out the zombie apocalypse so she found his stories very amazing and gained her respect in no time, she was amazed that by the first time she made a male friend, after the two of them walk for some minutes they found a huge toyota truck in which they could use to sleep and travel so when the night came, they had to sleep in the truck so Karen extremely scared of sleeping so close to a boy but she ended up getting some sleep, Gabriel who couldn´t find sleep heard a sound coming from outside and decided to go to investigate what was provocating the noise, he found out it was a girl shooting at some walkers which he helped the girl to kill, Gabriel took her to the truck woke Karen up and told her what was happening and that they shoul better leave before more walkers came, so they left.

Episode 05: Things That Never ChangeEdit

Gabriel, Alejandro, Zeke and the girls arrive to a hotel which they could spent the night in they saw that there was still food in good shape like pizza, bread, soda, juice and more so the little group began to eat till they were full and ended spending the night in the hotel, in a table there was a Colt Anaconda which Gabriel took with him, the next day the little group got in there truck and left the place with the food they took, changing to Juan and Alexa they were walking in a street in which they found a truck with a dead guy that had a shotgun and a Magnum Tracker gun with him so Juan took it and ordered Alexa to put it in the bag of guns, they kept walking for a while and heard a rifle shot and saw a guy of their age shooting walkers with rifle, Juan and Alexa decided to help him and found out that it was their friend Francisco, Juan and Alexa finished the rest of the walkers that were down in the street, Francisco took his gun and rifle and left with Juan and Alexa, after walking a while they heard stomps sounds andturned around a saw a heard of walkers heading towards them so they began running as fast as they could and they found a black Humbee and left in it, inside the car they found a magnum model 10 and put it in the bag of guns and left to a place they could rest in, Juan and Alexa told Francisco they were with a group after they escaped the school but they end up being killed by the walkers so they took their guns and supplies and left their save house.

Episode 06: The ReunionEdit

After Juan, Alexa and Francisco left their refuge they got in their car and drived a whle and saw a group of survivors trying to break into a gun store and found out that it was their highschool group of survivors so they helped them and they took all the guns they needed and ran to the truck, but then from no where a walker pushed down Valery and tried to eat her, Juan tried to shoot him in the gead but he couldn´t focus very well cause of the walker´s movement, but a beautiful japanese girl with a Katana cut the walkers head, and helped Valery to get up, Juan invited her to come with the group and she accepted. At Owen´s apartment they took their guns and reloaded them, minutes later they heard the door bell and they found out that it was Gabriel and some survivors, so they let them in and accepted them in the group, Francisco, Valery, Carla and Alejandra began to protect the building with their sniper rifles and assault rifles, the group had meal and prepered themself for a difficult night.

Episode 07: The Night Of The UndeadEdit

Juan and Owen are watching TV, a camara was filming people shouting to the police to know the truth about the strange virus that have reviving the dead on in the city, a man trespasses the barricade and one of the police officers is force to shoot the man, suddenly the police officer turns the gun to himself and shoots himself, scared Juan and Owen turn of the TV and to go and see how Alexa is doing, Juan notices Alexa crying so he hugs her, suddenly Owen calls Juan but Juan and Alexa were busy having a passionate kiss, after several minutes of kissing they let go of each other and Juan rushes to the balcony, Owen tells Juan they have to leave before the zombies kill them so Juan decided to distrack the walkers surrounding the building. Before leaving Juan and Alexa shared a short kiss making obvious that they were now a couple and then he leaves while Alexa is watching worried how Juan leaves in the motorcycle, Juan makes it to the but he get surrounded by the undead so Juan´s friends decides to go in the Humbee to help him, Juan and his friends leave the city to go to Coronado beach to ask for help to the ship that send the rescue transmition.

Episode 08: The FarmEdit

After the survivors reached a save point where there was no "undead" at the distance so the girls decided to change from there pijamas. After having change their clothes they decided to continue, at the back Alexa was sleeping in Juan shoulders while Juan had one arm around her, he was thinking how cute she was even sleeping so Juan tried to kiss her softly in her lips but was interrupted by Owen who spotted some of "the undead" at the distance, lucky for them there was another road they could take so they took other road to the bridge so they could leave the city. The Group was thinking in going to Coronado until they reach a point in which the bus engine broke down. the group then decided to explore the area until they found what look to be a farm area so the group got the bus repaired and then got in their vehicles and headed towards the farm, there they met three survivors of their age Jim who was the son of the deacesed owners of the farm, Rebecca his sister and Janice who was Jim´s girlfriend. Jim explained the group how the threeof them had survive this whole time and gained the groups trust, then Jim explained the group that between him, his sister ad his girlfriend he was the only one who knew how to use a gun which was a Colt Python and a shotgun. Juan and the rest of the group teached the girls how to use guns and learned in no time. Later that day after the group was relaxing after a hard long day three walkers appeared from the forest close to the farm, Juan told the group to use melee weapons to avoid making noise with guns, so three guys from the group went to kill the walkers and decided that the best thing to do was to reforce the farm´s fence so no walker could pass through.

Episode 09: Seems Like Old Wild West To MeEdit

the next days the survivors had reforced the fence so much that walkers didn´t dare to pass close to the farm so Owen and Luis went to explore and end up finding 4 survivors that were a family of cowboys that used to live in a farm close to the groups farm, the leader Billy told them his parents got killed after the walkers invaded the farm, Owen invited them to stay with them and ended up becoming close friends. After a while Billy´s older brother William went to explore the farm and heard a noise coming from the woods and took out his gun and took a step and then the walkers got out and began to eat him, the group heard the cries for help and ran to help him, Billy inraged killed every last walker who came out of the woods while the group saw how he killed the walkers, Gabriel saw how William was dying in pain so he took out his Desert Eagle handgun and told him "sorry bro" and shot him in the head.

Episode 10: West Central PrisionEdit

After the aftermath of the attack of the walkers Billy proposed to find a better refuge in which they could protect from the walkers, so the group got in their cars and went to look for a new refuge, after driving a while they saw a huge building that had the name of West Central Prision and it made Billy remember that he knew about the prision but that he forgot to tell them about it, so the group drove towards the prision, they saw it was full of walkers so they decided to go in and kill all the walkers in it, after killing the walkers in the outside of the prision they went inside and saw little groups of walkers and began to kill them fastly with their assault rifles and shotguns, after killing every last walker in the prision they got to a huge door with a huge lock, but it wasn´t trouble for the axx saw they destroyed the lock and entered the room which was the cell block, in their there were some survivors, a girl name Cristina and the boys name Alex, Scotty, Takuzo, Edwin and Lionel, so the group began to interrogate them and found out about their lifes before the zombie apocalypse and how they got stuck in the block cell for that long and how they got their guns, so fastly the group became good friends wth them and began protecting the prision as their new home.