Season 1 Episode 1: Dawn Of A New Era

Nick was finished with his test so he decided to return to his University apartment, in his way he saw Chantal and waved at her, she returned the gesture he complimented at her telling her she looked great and she asked him how he did on the test, he told her he did very well, she told him the test was pretty easy. he told her he was heading back to his room. Chantal asked sarcasticly if he was going to fool around with Jenly. he responded sarcasticly that maybe. Back in his room his Roommate Max was waiting for him in the apartment, he told Nick there was a strange virus, Nick just laugh and went to sleep. Hours later the someone knock at the door. Nick answered the door and it was one of his classmate Amy, she was making pressure over a wound that was bleeding. Nick saw the wound and saw that she was bitted by a rabid animal. he took care of her wound and letted her go back to her room and he continued sleeping.

The next morning Nick woke up and saw the door of his room open and went to see what was the noise people was making outside. Chantal approached Nick and hugged him and told him she was sorry and that she knew what he did for her. Nick was perplex and asked her why was she sorry. Chantal was surprise that Nick didn´t know what happened. She told him she had died of an unknown infection. Nick almost fainted Chantal told him to sit down, Nick had a tear comming out of his right eye, Chantal noticed and gave Nick a kiss in his forehead and told him she was sorry and left back to her room. That day classes were suspended and Nick couldn´t study very well for his algebra test because of the guilt he was feeling for having send Amy back to her room without good medical care. Later that night Chantal knocked at the door and told him she had brought him some food. Nick told her to go away but she didn´t she putted his food in the table and told him to eat it if he wanted, she leaved that to him and she closed the door and left. Nick grabbed a piece of bread and ate it. Max got in and went to sleep and then Nick went to sleep later in the morning.