Season 1 Episode 2: Biohazard Outbreak

The next day Nicolas had reintegrated into his normal classes but an hour later two military with anti biohazard risk mask came through the university windows and threw some white gas that made some of the student faint, hours later Nick, Max, Chantal and Alex woke up and saw some guns, ammunitions, a machete and an axx. Nicolas phone vibrated he took it and he took it out. It was Jenly, she told him she was with his some of his friends and some guy named Jake in one of the classrooms in the upper levels of the building, so the group got out of the classroom and saw people running and hidding for some unknown reason, but then they saw some people that walked like if they were drunk and some military shotting at them with assault rifles,they just kept running one of those "drunk people" grabbed Alex and bitted him in the arm.

Nicolas grabbed the beretta 9mm he previously took from the classroom and shotted the "drunk man" in the lungs but with no reaction at all, so he knew it was nothing more than a zombie, so he shot him clean in the head. Nicolas decided to call them walkers because they walk with no sense to where they are going to.

after a while Alex began spitting blood and Nicolas knew what it had to be done, it didn´t took long for Alex to to figure it out too, Alex told Nick to grab his gun and shoot him before he became a walker. Chantal gave him a last kiss on the chick and told Nicolas to do it. Nicolas took his gun and told him sorry for not being a good friend in the past and shot him in the head and the trio, Nick, Max and Chantal continued on and they ended up in the second floor of the university which was overrun by the walkers, Nick told Max to give him the machete. Max did as Nick said and gave him the machete, Nick began killing the walkers like a real zombie slayer clearing completely the second floor. They took the stairs and reached the third floor that had only three walkers so Nick took them out with his silenced beretta 9mm handgun, he opened the door 401 and he saw his friends inside with some guns, ammunitions and melee weapons. The group left the dead university to look for a refuge